Oh no! The hackers are coming!

MC&W is under threat! Oh no!

Minnesota Clocks & Watches is about 18 months old. This site was created to try to further the love of clocks and watches and connect people in the Minnesota area to strengthen the hobby and grow our groups – especially the OT Lang NAWCC chapter and the Minnesota Clockmaker’s Guild. Along the way, we have tried to bring some informative content. And by “we”, I mean we in the royal sense. Though we (I) have future aspirations to switch vocations to some kind of clock or watch-related business at some point in the distant future, up until this point, MC&W has been solely a project of love and a hope to be a useful public service. The gainful employment of the proprietor of MC&W remains entirely elsewhere, more specifically in my day job in IT networking and computer security.

I do not have an especially deep web hosting background. This is my most significant web project to date, and if you’ll allow a bit of back-patting, I’m fairly proud of it. One of the elements that I underestimated was the simultaneous annoyance and humor of managing spam. I get spam from both the site’s email address and the contact form. I received this today and share for your amusement:

Your reputation and business are at stake! 

We on your behalf in the message your website address and your contact information (including in social. Networks and messengers) will send: 

+ on 15,897,318 sites, threats with insults to site owners, US residents, Europeans, LGBT and BLM. 

+ 790,000 messages to bloggers with threats and insults 

+ 2 367 896 public figures and politicians (from the USA and Europe) with threats and insults 

+ 70,000 negative reviews about you and your website 

+ 23 467 849 contact forms of sites with threats and insults 

+ 150,000 emails messages to people with disabilities with threats and insults, many of them will definitely sue you 

+ 57000 emails of messages to veterans with threats and insults, FOR THIS YOU WILL BE EXACTLY SITTED 

Following from all of the above, you will get a lot of losses: 

+ an abuse from spam house, amazon and many webmasters (for spam, insults and threats) will come to your site, as a result, your domain will be banned and blacklisted 

+ people will sue you because you threatened and humiliated them 

+ in court you will not prove anything, everything will look as if you did it all, MOST YOU WILL GO TO PRISON 

+ internet will be inundated with negative reviews about you and your website 

+ threats and reprisals from BLM and LGBT community members, in fact, these are dangerous community guys 

Total: you will lose your business, all your money, you will spend on lawyers and compensation for court decisions, you will go to jail, your life will turn to hell … 

We already have everything ready to launch all of the above, but we decided to give you a chance to avoid all this, you can buy off a small amount of money. 

Make a payment, transfer 0.39 Bitcoins to this address 


We are waiting for the transfer from you until November 27, on Saturday November 28, if payment does not come from you, we will begin to destroy your business and you along with it.

– a random scumbag somewhere

Oh no! Who knew that a love of clocks and watches would put me in danger of lawsuits and certain jail! If only I could afford 0.39 Bitcoins. LOL.

Dear scumbag spammer – thanks for the entertainment.

2 replies on “Oh no! The hackers are coming!”

Just found your site. Beautiful! Great job! It takes a lot of time and effort to do this, so thank you!
I’m in Ironwood Michigan. Haven’t made it to a meeting in about 20 years! Thought it was time for another. 🙂 Found this by searching the web. I look forward to seeing some of the group at a future meeting. Have a good day. Keep on with the site! It is very informative!

PS: the threat letter is funny, but so sad that people actually will do that.

Thanks for your note and your encouragement! I hope to see you at an NAWCC meeting sometime.

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