Minnesota Horological Society

As of January 2023, the Minnesota Clockmaker’s Guild and MWCA have combined to form the Minnesota Horological Society.

We meet monthly, usually at the Hopkins Pavilion to discuss a watch or clock repair topic. Come join us for camaraderie, education, and troubleshooting help for your project.

Membership is only $25/year.

Contact Us for more information.

2 replies on “Minnesota Horological Society”

I have a K. Krageland – Malstead, Minn pocket watch with 45539 serial number. Can you tell me anything about it?? Thanks in advance.

Anita, thanks for your note. What you have is a private label watch, meaning that a manufacturer such as Waltham, Elgin, Hamilton, etc., made your watch and engraved the dealer’s name on it.

I just uploaded a YouTube video that explains how to get more information. Please take a look:href=””>Identifying your American Pocket Watch

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