Clock and Watch Information

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors – A large organization promoting interest in watches and clocks. The NAWCC has local chapters in the US and abroad and publishes a bi-monthly magazine containing in-depth information on a huge number of topics. Members can access back issues of the magazine.

NAWCC Forum – National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors forum with sections on clock and watch information as well as repair information. A hugely valuable resource.

Pocket Watch Database – A great resource where you can look up nearly any American-made pocket watch by serial number and find out what it is and when it was made. The data sources are surviving manufacturer’s logs as well as observed information entered by users. You can see user-submitted photos of watches and upload your own.

Hamilton Chronicles – A website with great information on Hamilton watches

Watch U Seek Forum – A forum focusing mostly on modern wrist watches

Arlington Books – Publisher of the encyclopedic books on clock identification and collecting written by Tran Duy Ly. These are the gold standard. Also books from other authors.

Sterling silver marks РA very helpful site in identifying where and when silver objects were made. This is particularly helpful when trying to identify older  European pocket watches.

Rails West – An interesting site with information on railroad operation, but also a nice section on railroad time requirements and time pieces.

The Complete Guide to Bulova Accutron Watches – Written by our very own Darold Hanson of the Minnesota NAWCC chapter, this book is the absolute encyclopedic authority on all things Accutron. With over 500 pages filled with fantastic photography, it is a must-have for anyone interested in these unique watches.

Chicago School of Watchmaking course – An out of print written course on watch repair. The link is to a Zip file containing PDFs of the original course.

Jomashop History of Horology article series – Easy to follow articles on the progression of watch and clock technology over the centuries. Thanks to Amelia for the suggestion.

From Shadows to Gears: The Engineering of Clocks Throughout History – an article recommended by history student Megan. Thanks for the suggestion!

Material Suppliers

Timesavers – Clock and watch repair material

Merritts – Clock and watch repair material

Esslinger – Jewelers’ tools and watch supplies

Dave’s Watch Parts –¬†New Old Stock parts, used tools, some new parts

White’s Crystals – supplier/manufacturer of new pocket and wrist watch crystals

Adams Brown – Maker of the TimeTrax clock timing machine – an easy to use basic clock timing machine

Bryan Mumford – Maker of the Microset clock and watch timing machine – a bit more expensive than the Adams Brown TimeTrax, but much more powerful.

Sherline – Makers of small lathes and milling machines and accessories often used in clock and watch repair.

Antique Clockworks Ltd – a Minnesota Sherline dealer that offers discounted pricing.

Mile Hi Clock Supplies – Tools and materials for watch and clock repair including the Keystone mainspring winder.

Dial House – Professional restorers of clock dials.

Checking Time – makers of clock repair tools including an arbor straightener and high quality movement test stand.

Perrin Watch Parts – a Canadian supplier of clock and watch parts.

Clock and Watch Dealers

Northern Partners – sales and repair of antique and vintage pocket and wrist watches

Darlor Watches – sales of antique and vintage pocket and wrist watches

SN Clocks – Sales of high-end Vienna Regulators

Historic Timekeepers – Watch and chronometer service and sales of vintage military timepieces

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