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This page is a listing of clocks and watches for sale by Minnesota Clocks & Watches and other parties. The intent for this page is to be a place where clocks can remain listed until they sell, unlike Craigslist where items must be continuously re-listed. To list a clock or watch for sale on this page or to inquire about an item listed on this page, please Contact Us. Listing is free for the time being, however if in the future the administration of this page requires significant time, a small fee may be charged for new listings (existing listings will not be retroactively charged). Only listings for items located within 200 miles of St. Paul, Minnesota will be accepted as this is a geographically-centered site.


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Terms and Conditions

Minnesota Clocks & Watches lists clocks and watches for sale on behalf of others as a public service. 

Minnesota Clocks & Watches is not a party to any transaction between a buyer and seller other than for those clocks listed for sale that are the property of Minnesota Clocks & Watches. Minnesota Clocks & Watches accepts no liability of any kind for the accuracy of any listing, the condition of the item, or the reliability of the buyer or seller unless the seller is Minnesota Clocks & Watches. Do business at your own risk.

Minnesota Clocks & Watches reserves the right to charge a nominal fee to list items for sale on this site. If Minnesota Clocks & Watches decides to charge a listing fee, this fee will only apply to listings made after the fee was disclosed. Existing listings will not be retroactively charged.

Minnesota Clocks & Watches reserves the right to remove any listing and/or discontinue this service at any time for any reason. Any listing fees for items listed within 30 days of removal due to the discontinuation of the listing service will be refunded. Listing fees for items listed for more than 30 days will not be refunded for any reason. Listing fees for items sold will not be refunded even if the item sells through a means other than the listing page.